Little Deposits

Hello friends,

I’ll be giving a speech on how I became a magazine editor. And in preparation, I remembered all the deposits other people have made in my life to encourage me along the way. Especially older people. In particular, I remember my aunt who since I was a child, inspired me to dream and to believe in my dreams. She shared her dreams with me to become a singer. She said, “I’m going to start a girls’ group like the Supremes. Only we’ll be called the Fawns and will come out on stage wearing cute deer outfits.” At four years old, my imagination ignited and suddenly, doing great things became possible. Is there anyone in your life whose little deposits have helped to make you who you are?


7 thoughts on “Little Deposits

  1. My Grandmother, Margery (I called her Granny) made many little deposits to my life and I miss her so much. She still makes deposits as I reflect on our many conversations and I continue to have different insight from them. Margery was a Renaissance Women – a queen in their her own right, ruling from behind the throne- as wife, mother, and business partner. Controlling her own destiny in an age when women were subject to the decisions of men. She married my Grandfather when she was 17 and started a family a year later. They lived in the projects and my Grandfather was a brick mason. She wanted to go to nursing school, but her husband wanted her to take care of the children at home. They were both ambitious and soon they became entrepreneurs. They began buying unwanted real estate in black neighbors and grandpa would build or fix-up and rent out. They owned and operated movie theaters, they were in the concert and boxing promotion business, they owned a construction company and did many large and small jobs around the city of New Orleans. They became millionaires by their early 40’s through hard work,determination, guts, and an unshakable business partnership between the two of them.

    Granny’s deposits to me were made during our many long conversations both on the phone and in person. I was blessed to have her for a long time in my life because she was 40 when I was born. She always told me that her generation made many sacrifices so that my generation could make strides.

    “Get your education honey.” She saw it as the key to independence and self reliance. “Me and your grandpa couldn’t get an education, and we didn’t let it stop us, so you have no excuse.”

    “VOTE!” Granny was adamant on exercising her hard earned right to vote. She encouraged me to read, stay informed, and question. She used to say that they had to take a test before they were allowed to vote and many people of her generation who were black and in the South were uneducated so they may not have been able to read and understand the test. But they gathered in the church hall lead by other more educated blacks and studied together because they were determined to pass the test and vote.

    “Talk to God as if you are talking to a dear friend.” She used to say that memorizing prayers wasn’t the way to closeness with Jesus. He wants to hear from your heart.

    “Take time to take care of yourself. Go to bed looking beautiful not like you are used up and spent from tough days. Keep your body strong, your wardrobe smart, and your skin, hair, and nails looking nice all the time.”

    Granny was beautiful till the day she passed July 1, 2005.

    • Conchita, what an inspiring story about your Grandmother Margery. It is amazing that she created so many businesses without the benefit of an education at a time that was challenging to say the least. I am encouraged and at the same time humbled. We have no excuse not to succeed. How do we get this message across to our children who in comparison, have so much?

  2. My family became friends with an older couple when I was about 5. I loved them both, and became particularly close to the woman, Audrey. Our relationship grew stronger over the years, even though both our families relocated many times. She became my “pen pal” through my pre-adolescent years and was always there to be a listening ear through my teen years. A very patient, kind, non-judgmental listening ear! It was wonderful to have an adult to reach out to who was loving, warm and wise. I could tell her everything that I didn’t dare tell my own parents! She had a heart of gold; never worked a paid day in her life because she was too busy “being there” for everyone around her. She made a huge impact on all of the communities she lived in, and everyone whose life she touched! I wish I could be more like her! Laura

  3. We moved to Texas when I was pregnant with our second child, due 18 months after the birth of our first and didn’t know a soul here. We soon became acquainted with a grandmother and grandfather in our church whose children lived far away; the Lord led us to join a couples’ Bible study at their house. Far from an expert in marriage or relationships, I soaked up all the wisdom I could from this grandma, as much as she could dole out during a visit. They were in our lives a short 5 years until a relocation changed things.

    Nine years later, I can see how the Lord used this wise and loving woman to nearly save my marriage from the doldrums of disrespect and all that can be associated with a not-so-wise wife. By God’s grace, she literally changed the course of our marriage and hopefully, the marriages of my children and their children.

    When I thank her for her obedience to speak the truth in love to me (over and over and over) she simply refers to herself as a broken vessel and can’t imagine that she really made that much of a difference. I beg to differ.

  4. My Mother-in-law is phenomenal. Never have I met someone who encourages always, thinks the best of me, and resists giving advice even when I’m wrong. When I was newly a mother, she constantly told me what a good mom I was and didn’t pry into the business of our marriage. I realize how difficult this has been now that I have 2 boys in the dating stage. She loves her son every bit as much as I love mine, yet she has accepted me and treated me like a daughter from day one. She has taught me to be positive and non-judgemental. I am so thankful for her friendship and example.

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