Why mothers struggle

For good or for bad, we often parent the way we were parented. The abused may
take an overprotective tact as a parent or be abusive themsleves. The abandoned may smother their offspring, wanting to make sure their kids feel loved and safe.

These are deep issues, not to be solved in a blog post or even in the chapters of a book. But certainly, it is helpful to thoughtfully consider how we were parented, the events which shaped our childhood, and how these factors affect our mothering. This is not an exercise of finger pointing or wallowing in the past. Rather, it is to see our own fears and insecurities through the eyes of ourselves as children.Awareness is the beginning of reconciliation.


3 thoughts on “Why mothers struggle

  1. Really a good reminder Alicea- taking the time to think about why I react the way we do helps me understand myself better. I’m thankful that God is the perfect parent– even if I don’t understand what that means completely.

  2. So true, Alicea. I find myself sounding more and more like my mom, everyday, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 🙂 Actually, I can only hope to be a good a mom as she was to me. When I mention this to her, she assures me that I’m doing great in my role as a mother, especially in light of the fact that I commute and work full-time. Even though it is the case that I’m 40+, her opinion of my parenting is still of great importance to me. Why is that?

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